Bucharest Java User Group

JUG Partner 2015

Bucharest Java User Group (Bucharest JUG) was organized to create a community of developers using Java platform.

The group was founded at the initiative of Andrei Savu. The other “founders” of the group along with Andrei Savu are Ioan Eugen Stan and Michael Solo.

Java User Group București welcomes all programmers passionate about languages that run on the Java platform. If you like Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure, JRuby or any other language based on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) you are in the right place. Our plan is to organize a monthly group meetings with presentations and later on move to a pub for drinks.

Warsaw JUG

JUG Partner 2015

Warsaw JUG (or just WJUG) is a group of Java passionates. Our fascination translates into a desire to learn new technologies, frameworks, methods of application development on JVM platform and polishing our programming skills. For this purpose we organize periodic meetings. Our group numbers over 1000 happy Java developers!


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